Why we are backing Voyantis — the predictive growth OS that is helping online businesses achieve profitability

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically

Growth marketing’s foundations continue to feel the effects of a series of seismic post-pandemic changes. From the IDFA changes in iOS 14.5 and Facebook’s deprecation of the AMM program to Apple’s changing privacy threshold and Google getting ready to drop tracking cookies in 2023, the industry has been scrambling to adapt.

  • Privacy: The privacy-centric approach generates a divide between the big ad networks (Facebook, Google, TikTok etc.) and the marketer’s user data. We see that with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, and with Google upcoming Privacy Sandbox. That is a positive trend for consumers, a very big hurdle for the networks, and a totally new responsibility for the consumer and B2B companies. They are suddenly charged with the job of modeling their customer’s behavior — no longer able to be “lazy” and rely on the networks to do their job for them.
  • Fragmented growth function within the organization: There is a lack of resources for growth teams to draw on, preventing them from using data as a lever for growth. Granted, there are some teams that are able to build an in-house growth operation, including the likes of AirBnB, Lyft, Monday, and others. These are the companies that come out ahead. For everyone else, it collectively becomes a bit much, especially when factoring the time, money, and resources that go into the development, and maintenance of such a product to facilitate scalable growth in-house.

Tremendous value for growth teams

While there are various companies whose mission is to democratize predictions by applying AI to any business use case, Voyantis takes a more vertical approach. Its focus is on building predictions focused on marketing and growth use cases.

  • Adjustment of bids according to predictions
  • Optimized budget allocation, across channels and campaigns
  • Acquisition of high-value users at scale by feeding ad networks with predictive signals
  • Fueling and optimization of channel campaigns using predictive audiences
  • The C-level executives can set (predictable) long-term goals, and measure them within the quarter.
  • The VP and Director levels can set their individual team’s goal as a derivative.
  • The operational teams can activate ML-fueled workflows that optimize to those same KPIs.
  • The whole organization can measure and see whether their goals are on-track.

This is the future of growth marketing

We chose to invest in Voyantis because we see them leading the movement into predictable and sustainable growth. They already have multiple key customers, each of which were obtained while in stealth — including the likes of Notion, Miro, Ipsy and others.



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