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  • Daniya Shumilkina

    Daniya Shumilkina

  • Sarper Silaoglu

    Sarper Silaoglu

    Co-Founder of Boni. iBeacon based retail engagement and rewarding platform

  • Pete Dowds

    Pete Dowds

    Founder Elder. Prev. Founder Mopp.com (acq. by @Handy). Marketplaces. Liverpool FC. Prev. VC/M&A, DLA Piper.

  • Pedro Carneiro Furtado

    Pedro Carneiro Furtado

  • Lina C.

    Lina C.

    A lot can happen in one hour.

  • Martina Mauro

    Martina Mauro

    Digital Project Manager in Milan for Luxury&Fashion eCommerce. Former external PR for Amazon Italy, Model and Radio speaker. Lived USA&Moscow. Founder of Starly

  • Phil Crow

    Phil Crow

    Software, Sport, Idle Musings retweets != endorse, views my own.

  • Sebastian Waters

    Sebastian Waters

    Creative Consultant for Digital Products.

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