By Yaron Valler & Florian Unger

wefox’s founder team

We are very happy to announce that Target Global has led the $650m Series C in our portfolio company wefox, bringing the total valuation to $3bn! Congratulations to Julian, Fabian, Dario and the whole wefox team! This round not only represents the largest Series C funding round for an InsurTech globally but is one of the largest ever Series C’s. Since leading the Series A in 2016, it has been our pleasure to be wefox’s biggest cheerleader and sparring partner. …

By Mike Lobanov (General Partner and COO at Target Global)

What is securities lending?

There is a $2.5trn industry that remains one of the best-kept secrets of capital markets. It’s not widely known that every single person who owns stocks, bonds or ETFs has the right to lend out their securities and gain a tidy fee in return. This is securities lending.

2021’s series of high-profile short squeezes in Gamestop and other companies have shone a spotlight on the share lending market. The well-publicised saga of Reddit-led buying of heavily-shorted stocks like GME, AMC and Rocket Companies brought broker platform…

By Bao-Y Van Cong and Dominic Aits

Over the last decade, our relationship with food has moved from a necessity to a lifestyle

As consumers are adapting to a different and new reality with much more time spent living, working and eating at home, cooking at home has become one of the major trends in the post Covid-19 world. Over 40% of consumers say they are preparing home-cooked meals more often and with that comes an increased focus on what we actually eat and the ingredients we cook with.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to try really fresh food…

A lot of investments in fintech that we do are in the infrastructure space. It requires an understanding of the topic as one cannot just “try it out” by downloading the app on the phone. So pardon the long text, but it is needed to understand why the topic of settlement in crypto is so important and what Copper does to help.

Why a global instant settlement network for crypto changes everything

Instant settlement might not sound like the sexiest topic for those on the outside looking in. But I personally love these “unsexy” topics as usually there is a…

REEF’s Neighborhood Kitchens

By Ben Kaminski, Jorge Fontúrbel, & Florian Unger

Our portfolio company REEF Technology secured today one of the largest funding rounds in Target Global’s history, raising $700m in growth equity led by Mubadala with participation from Softbank, Oaktree Capital Management, UBS Asset Management and Target Global. Additionally, REEF and Oaktree signed an agreement to form the Neighborhood Fund, a $300 million joint investment vehicle to acquire strategic real estate assets.

It might be surprising that this milestone has come at a time of such global uncertainty, but REEF is a great example of a rare thing: a company with both…

Felix Leuschner, CEO & Co-Founder at Drover

By Ben Kaminski, Jorge Fontúrbel, & Florian Unger

The way we’ve bought and sold cars has barely changed in almost a century. Although we’ve seen sporadic improvements and innovations, especially since the digitalization boom and the global financial crash, the basic channel from manufacturer to customer via a network of dealerships continues to dominate. But the cracks in this model are beginning to show: consumers are growing tired of the convoluted and long-term commitments required to buy, insure and maintain a vehicle, and many are wondering if they even need to own a vehicle at all. …

doctorly’s co-founders Samir El-Alami, Alexandru Boghean, Archil Eristavi, Sebastian Lau, Anna von Stackelberg, and Nicklas Teicke

by Alexandra Dombrowski

The COVID-19 pandemic has got all of us thinking more about our health. And not just in the literal sense of our own physical wellbeing — many of us are learning for the first time the details of how our health systems work under the hood as we watch medical staff bravely struggle to adapt to social distancing, remote working and telehealth. Everyone wants this endeavour to succeed, but there’s no concealing the fact we’ve all suspected for many years: health systems are increasingly outdated, and the coronavirus has merely brought this situation into the light.


Source: Target Global

by Lina Chong

Spanish ingenuity is some of the greatest in the world.

When given the opportunity, people and businesses will rise to any challenge. But too much uncertainty can be crippling. It’s hard to come up with the next big thing when resources are scarce amid a global crisis.

Spain’s amazing tech ecosystem hasn’t received as much love as better-known startup havens like Germany or the UK, but we know Spain has an amazing breadth of talent and innovation. …

The founders of Choco: Julian Hammer, Rogério da Silva Yokomizo, and Daniel Khachab

by Jorge Fontúrbel and Florian Unger

Impacts of COVID-19 can be seen in every part of the global economy, but its effects have been more prominent across industries such as air travel or hospitality. The outlook may seem bleak, but startups in these beleaguered sectors are responding to the challenge with extraordinary resilience and ingenuity.

One company providing a clear example of how to weather this storm is Choco, a Berlin-based food ordering platform which connects food suppliers to restaurants via its user-friendly app. Faced with massive disruption due to the crisis, Choco has responded by expanding into the current…

By Ben Kaminski, Jorge Fontúrbel, & Florian Unger

Source: Unsplash

The mobility industry has been on the rise for years. With investors and strategics allocating over $220bn in M&A and investments into new mobility tech startups since 2010, there seemed to be no limit to its expansion potential. But now, as the COVID-19 crisis sees countries shift into shutdown mode and billions of people confined to their homes worldwide, many of Europe’s most successful mobility startups have been left exposed.

Despite the early and pronounced hit, it is also clear that the mobility sector will play a key role in reactivating the…

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